Aberdeen Angus

Angus is one of the world’s most widespread and popular meat breeds because of its modesty, great mother and growth characteristics.

Angus is known for its excellent meat quality suitable for versatile culinary uses. Meat from Angus is one of the highest quality steak meats thanks to its juiciness, marbling and specific flavor.

We’ve been keeping this breed since 1996. The breed is perfectly adapted to the local climate and gives a good performance even during constantly progressing annual droughts. We keep the animals outdoors all year round. We only feed them haylage without the addition of grain feed. During the growing season they graze.

We prefer animals of middle constitution, with good depth and width dimensions. They walk, and especially in the dry season they must cover long distances every day; this is why they also have a good hoof horn. We work with animals on horseback and we also have them move between pastures by covering even longer distances.

Our goal is to breed animals with strong, healthy feet. We emphasize good maternal qualities. The cows calve outside in their natural environment. We do not provide any supplementary feed for calves, they grow on milk and grass – we use the growth ability specific for this breed.

We separate aggressive, unadaptive or shy animals.

We practice a closed herd turnover. We put heifers to natural service at the age of 14-16 months. We keep blacks and reds. The cows begin to calve in the second half of March, when we let them out from the wintering areas to clean pastures.

The first cows from the basic herds come from Canada. According to our goal, we try to pick breeding bulls as well. Over the years we have imported sires from Denmark, England and Scotland. Our current bulls are of Scottish, American, Canadian and Australian origin, among others.

We sell ​​breeding bulls, heifers and store cattle. We even bring them home to foreign clients. We provide consultancy for breeding beginners. We welcome anyone interested in breeding at our farm; they can pick the breeding animals on their own.

We also sell the breeding animals abroad, e.g. to Slovakia, Romania and Germany.

The breed has the IBR free status; it is subject to regular inspection according to the health control methodology.