The farm was founded in 1996. It currently consists of six farms with a total area of ​​approximately 1,700 hectares. The land was originally used partly as arable land and partly as grassland. We have gradually turned all arable land into grassland and patures.

We breed cattle of the Aberdeen Angus and Romney sheep breeds. These are rather extensive breeds that are globally widespread and popular because of their modesty, good growth capabilities and excellent meat quality. We have about 350 breeding cows and 1200 breeding sheep, i.e. we also produce breeding animals besides slaughter animals.

The entire area is managed in an organic farming manner, without the addition of any grain feed. We prepare the haylage on our own from our grassland. All animals are kept outside throughout the year.

Since 2008, we operate a farm in Slovakia. We only breed Aberdeen Angus cattle there as many predators live in that area.

In 2015 we started to milk cows of the Pinzgau breed imported from Austria. (See www.farmakudlov.cz)

The beef and lamb are of excellent quality. The animals raised on the pasture are healthy, mature and unstressed, and they are not fed supplemental concentrated feed.

We are happy to answer your questions in Czech, English and Russian here.