Romney Marsh

This semi-fine hair breed comes from southeastern England, in the county of Kent.

Romney is a combined meat-wool breed. Wool is rather marginal today, which is why we focus exclusively on the production of breeding and slaughter animals. The breed is very popular worldwide for its modesty, endurance, maternal characteristics and relatively good growth ability. It comes from the Kent region in England, but today they are most widespread in New Zealand.

It has achieved global expansion in all wet areas. It has an increased hoof rot and pulmonary worm resistence. It can make good use of even coarse fodder of poorer quality. It can be kept outdoors all year round.

We’ve been keeping the breed since 1995. The indigenous sheep come from New Zealand’s South Island from Christchurch, and the Otago region. In 1983 they were imported to Hungary, and in 1990 to Czechoslovakia to the Agrokiwi Mýto farm.

For vitalization and blood improvement we use English blood lines (rams imported from England) and New Zealnd lines (after insemination of our sheep by doses from New Zealand). We sell breeding ewe lambs and rams to Slovakia and Hungary as well.

We keep the sheep outdoors all year round using the controlled grazing system. We have a total of 1,200 mothers at all farms. The sheep are of larger constitution (sheep 90-100 kg, rams 100-130 kg).

We focus on meat performance, and we therefore regularly import rams from England. To increase endurance and immunity, especially in lambs after birth, we use insemination doses from New Zealand. In animals intended for breeding we provide MLD scanner.

The sheep are well adapted to the local climate and tolerate wet winters well.

Lambing takes place from April 10 outside on the pasture.

Mothers provide a lot of milk, and the lambs grow well (up to 320 grams per day). The lactation curve steeply ends during July, so the sheep do not suffer from udder inflammation after weaning.

The wool is luster,  37-40 micrometers thick. Because wool is of coarse nature, it protects the sheep well from water and cold. The main staple is performed in May plus two seasonal in March and October.

We practice a closed herd turnover. We put ewe lambs to natural service at the age of 8 months and an approximate weight of 50 kg. We produce breeding ewe lambs and rams, and we bring them home to both foreign and domestic clients. We provide consultancy for beginners. Anyone who is interested is welcome at our farm.

We help with the selection of breeding animals to make sure that lines are not related.

The Romney lamb is very tasty and juicy, with a slight mutton flavor. It is suitable for versatile culinary uses.

One of our farms (Šeliga, Vrbětice) specializes in wool washing; it is the only wool washer in Central Europe. We will therefore be happy to assist you with the processing of wool and the sale or purchase of wool or tanned leather.

The breed has the highest scrapie status – specifically „negligible risk status“.

The breed is subject to regular inspection according to health control methodology – it is Maedi Visna and brucellosis free.